We are a group of young psychologists providing counselling services and group trainings in various topics.


You may turn to our counselling centre for help with any issues affecting your everyday life, study, work or relationships. We can help you identify your problems, gain new perspectives and find ways of coping. ​


Apart from individual counselling, we provide consultation for couples and families. Regardless of the duration and complexity of the difficulty in question, individuals, couples and families are encouraged to visit us.


Group trainings and workshops have been developed in order to enhance life skills related to study, work or personal relationships.

What We Offer

Primarily, we can help you in the following areas:

  • improving your self-knowledge;

  • activating your inner resources;

  • reviewing family and relationship issues;

  • improving your coping mechanisms;

  • promoting assertive behaviour and communication;

  • building your self-esteem and exploring related issues;

  • stress management;

  • time management;

  • life management and career guidance.