Our Team

You can find below a short introduction of our colleagues working at the centre. Feel free to get in touch with us via the contact details listed here.

Márton KARA

Psychologist &


My name is Márton Kara and I'm a certified Hypnotherapist and hold a Master's Degree in Counselling Psychology. You might want to schedule an appointment with me if you feel like you have somehow got lost in your own life or are unsure what your next step should be. We will aim to work with you together to resolve your problems and improve your mental health and interpersonal relationships, build up your self-esteem, and help you cope with the necessary challenges you may face at this time.

However, the true power of counselling is, in my opinion, when you realise that you have much more potential in you that you previously gave yourself credit for. You can easily forget about your own strengths and how you successfully coped with other difficulties earlier in your life when you focus too hard on your current situation. At times like these, seeking professional help to be able to gain new, healthier perspectives might be the next step you need to take for yourself and for your own personal growth.

You will find that during these sessions, you can talk about anything you would like and we will progress step by step, at your own pace in a secure atmosphere.


Psychologist &

Family Therapist Candidate

I am a psychologist with a postgraduate degree in Counselling and Educational Psychology, a certificate in experiential education and a training in progress in family therapy. I mainly work with individuals and couples to address their difficulties, explore their situation and relationships, get to know themselves better, and identify their potentials and opportunities to resolve their issues and achieve a more balanced life.


We are presented with challenges in our life form time to time. Sometimes, in order for a change to happen, one may need to face their problem and look at it from different angles with the help of a professional. I help adolescents and adults gain insight and to identify the underlying causes to challenges in their lives. During sessions, you find a safe, supportive, empathetic and accepting environment where your story, thoughts, questions and goals are in focus.


Psychologist &

Family Therapist Candidate

I've studied Psychology at the University of Pécs, and received my Masters degree in 2005. After finishing my studies I believed that I need to see and understand more from life and people to be able to help. So I've travelled and volunteered in China and South America, working with children and people living with autism.


My main interest is child abuse and the possibilities of protecting and helping children who grow up in abusing families. I have been studying Human Rights and Child Rights in Costa Rica and Hungary.


As a Psychologist I've worked with adolescents in a foster care centre in Hungary, supported foster families, and provided private psychological counselling for adults in Hungary and abroad as well. At the moment I am finishing my studies as a Family- and Couple Therapist, so I provide counselling for families and couples as well, in Hungarian, English or Spanish.


I look forward to helping you if you would like to reconsider your problems and obstacles in a supporting relationship, and find answers to them whether in private sessions, or in couple/family counselling.