How We Work

The first step towards counselling is getting in touch with us. We make an appointment for a consultation during which you and your counsellor can develop a clearer understanding of your problem and think together about how you might move forward. Normally, this consultation lasts between one and three sessions. Should you need further individual counselling, your counsellor suggests a plan for you to work together on the given area. Other options that can be of use to you might include attending skill-related workshops or group trainings.

Individual Counselling

In Individual Counselling, one session lasts for 50 minutes and your story, strengths and opportunities are in focus. Taking a step ahead in life can become a challenge sometimes, and it is natural that some questions or problems might arise. Feel free to address those questions here and we will be happy to help you figure out the answers you're looking for. Generally, sessions are scheduled weekly or every other week.




Some problems and questions are more easily discussed and solved in groups. Sharing your ideas, questions, solutions or simply your feelings can help others. Similarly, you might find others’ thoughts to be useful in your situation.


Acquiring practical interpersonal skills can be an essential asset in life. We aim to organise workshops and activities tailored to your needs.

Couple and



Family is often described as branches on a tree - sharing our roots, growing in different directions while remaining connected.


The way we act, react and interact with each other as individuals is influenced by patterns in the family. A problem can upset or break a previously working balance, which affects all members of the family.


In Couple and Family Counselling, everyone has the opportunity to share their point of view, and is encouraged to clarify the newly established situation and the changes in their relation, and to

find balance again.

For further information on group trainings, please feel free to contact us via email.




Discretion is highly important in our counselling services and we aim to keep the highest standards of confidentiality. All your details and the contents of sessions are kept private, according to the Code of Ethics published by the Hungarian Psychological Association.